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About Rotomec!
Rotomec is part of an international group with over 50 years of experience in engineering and production with three facilities spread throughout North America and Europe. From these plants we distribute machines and components all over the world. Since 1947, when we started our manufacturing enterprise, customer satisfaction has always been our constant goal!

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Rotomec spa
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Rotomec spa is the european sole agent for equipment produced by Befco inc., Rocky Mount, North Carolina, U.S.A.

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The ENAMA / ENTAM certification

The European Community has given itself particularly strict laws regarding safety in agriculture and lawn care.
The european legislation first of all provides that it is the manufacturer himself that certifies that his product is in conformance with the laws set by the community. The CE stamp applied on the machinery signifies the product is in conformity, according to the manufacturer, to the european laws.
Many of the countries belonging to the European Community however, already had setup years before this new legislation, national independent institues which could release official certificates that testified that the machinery was in accordance to the national law. Europe, after having grouped the various national legislations, created a european institute called ENTAM with the task to coordinate various national institutes in applying the laws set forth by the European Community.
ENTAM is the european correspondent of the various national institutes: ENAMA (Italy), CEMAGREF (France), DLG (Germany) etc.
It is fairly clear therefore that a certification released by an independent national institute with the objective to determine the safety and functionnality of a machine will always be better and more accurate than a certification released from the manufacturer himself.

The results of the tests made by these institutes are published and extended in appropriate test reports containing all information about the farm machinery tested providing a genuine identity card which will accompany the machinery throughout its life. A copy of each of these test reports is included on all certified Rotomec machines. All machines certified by ENAMA also carry the certification logo on them. The data provided in these reports includes information such as:

  • The machinery's technical characteristics.
  • The performance of the machinery under working conditions.
  • Instructions for correct road circulation.
  • Conformity to current safety standards.

The latter aspect is particularly important because a machine which meets safety requirements constitutes the basic condition for satisfying the provisions of D.P.R. 459/96 which covers the Machinery Directive, DLgs 359/99 and DLgs 626/94 controlling farm safety and all other current provisions.

By purchasing a certified product the owner has:

  • the assurance and protection that he is buying a product that meets requirements either for personal use or for use by his employees.
  • the option to choose the machinery suitable for his needs by consulting and comparing the performance profile results elaborated by ENAMA.


Members of ENTAM are:

Full members
Bundesanstalt für Landtechnik Centre National du Machinisme Agricole du Génie Rural des Eaux et Forêts Agricultural Research Centre Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences
Deutsche Landwirtschafts Gesellschaft e. V. Estacion de Meccanica Agricola Ente Nazionale per la Meccanizzazione Agricola Eidgenössische Forschungsanstalt für Agrarwirtschaft und Landtechnik
Associate members
Bundesanstalt für Landtechnik Centre National du Machinisme Agricole du Génie Rural des Eaux et Forêts Agricultural Research Centre
Bundesanstalt für Landtechnik Centre National du Machinisme Agricole du Génie Rural des Eaux et Forêts

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